Jinal Mehta - Founder & CEO

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General Information

Mr Jinal Mehta is the CEO and founder of UQuick Technologies India Limited, the foremost software company in Asia that provides technology-driven solutions to its clients.


Board of Membership

Jinal Mehta holds periodic meetings with the Board of Members to discuss business operations, financial planning, and ideas to maximize shareholder return on investment. Currently, we are determining appropriate compensation for high-ranking officials and brainstorming strategies to increase company success.

Early Life and Education

Born on 22 May 1992, he comes from a Gujarati family with a business background in Rajkot, Gujarat. At just nineteen years old, he embarked on his entrepreneurial journey. He pursued his passion for software and computing technologies despite dropping out of college. He started his business at the very young age of nineteen years. He is a college dropout; he chose to explore his passion and curiosity regarding software and computing technologies.



He dedicated himself to his work and envisioned creating something unique to make business more accessible for customers and individuals. Starting from a small hardware business, he worked tirelessly to establish a public limited company that became Asia’s first to spread its presence in Windows-related solutions.

His firm vision, strategy, and ideas have always delivered significant business value for UQuick. It reflects the company’s strong financial performance, high customer satisfaction, and excellent support services.

UQuick has become the preferred brand for clients seeking top-quality Windows solutions thanks to its strong attitude toward overcoming business challenges and delivering exceptional value.