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Why Partner with UQuick?

Partner with UQuick Professional for an end-to-end digital business ecosystem guaranteeing steady financial growth. We offer a dedicated marketing team, sales & marketing symposiums, periodic sales boot camps, 24/7 technical support, and a skilled sales team to assist you with all your needs. Contact us today to achieve your business goals.
Steady Financial Growth

Experience significant financial benefits with UQuick’s exceptional cybersecurity products, designed for individuals, companies and government entities.

End-to-End Digital Business Ecosystem

Utilize UQuick's digital ecosystem, which includes globally renowned collaborators who specialize in promoting business transparency.

Round-the-clock Technical Support

We offer our customers round-the-clock technical support to ensure their products function continuously. Our team is available 24/7 to assist with any issues or concerns they may have.

Dedicated Marketing Operations

Improve your product promotions by collaborating with UQuick's in-house and external marketing experts, who are skilled in various mediums and capable of executing big-budget promotions.

Vast and Skilled Sales Teams

Partners can leverage UQuick's extensive fleet of sales teams, who are well-trained and skilled, to increase sales support and secure profitable sales deals.

Periodic Sales Boot-Camps

Participate in regular training sessions led by experienced educators to gain insights and information on the latest products and new functionalities.

Sales & Marketing Symposiums

Please take advantage of our ongoing sales and marketing initiatives throughout the year to showcase yourself on a dynamic platform for buyers. Our initiatives add value to your promotion efforts.

Procure Fresh & Hot Leads

Increase your sales by accessing UQuick's extensive database of genuine and active leads, which their Lead Generation Teams are constantly generating.

UQuick Certification

UQuick reseller program is a multi-tier award-winning program designed to be the best fit for your business. This certification module will provide you with incentives to better adapt and meet the challenges of today. Boost your business, and upgrade the level every year as defined.
Custom Software Development

Custom Software Development Solutions

We combine our tech expertise and industry-specific knowledge to develop affordable on-demand solutions and offer you timely advice along the development process. We treat your project as though it’s our own and are committed to finding the ideal solutions to accomplish your goals. With a sharp focus on quality-driven results, we maximize the business value we bring to the table.
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Rebrand Offered Software Solutions

As the leader in Windows Restore Solutions, UQuick Technologies is honored to be the industry standard among current popular software.

We provide rebranding services and intelligence consoles, thus enabling you to customize offered software solutions and market them under your label. It perfectly matches your company’s branding strategy.

We are committed to building genuine partner relationships. Innovative console and professional service engineers ensure that you have the resources and expertise you need to deliver robust, scalable services to your customers.

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UQuick Solutions for Service Provider

UQuick Technologies India Limited including Windows Recovery Solution providers to offer innovative, compelling, and profitable approaches to enterprises as well as specific industry segments. We strengthen UQuick merits of creating value-add solutions by offering our customers new software utilities such as RestoreX Pro. UQuick is proud of being a trusted partner, understanding and supporting business objectives that are critical to service providers. Promising new ideas continuously spring up to develop into fresh application. Extensive business domain is helpful for you to generate new revenue stream by providing comprehensive and creative service for users. Our award-winning products have served users from all walks of life as the best digital information management tool. From the past tens of years, with innovative service concept and international standard of service level, numerous service providers with UQuick solutions are keeping establishing new benchmarks of quality and service. UQuick cutting-edge technology and powerful supports are beneficial for you to exploit expansive markets around the world.

Free to try our products. Please download and find out more product information on the product page.

For any request or question concerning service provider solution, please contact us by email: reseller@restorex360.com

Potential investment in Exploiting Prospective Market

UQuick Software objective: develop practical solutions to protect, recover and manage digital information in a reliable and cost-effective manner. Since UQuick Software was established in 2021, we have extended business relationship worldwide. As a global leader in Windows Recovery Software, UQuick has won great reputation from home users and enterprises with unceasing innovation, in-depth research and development. Premium quality, value and professional support attract more investor to take part in our career for great success. With regard to rapid growth in global market, there are unlimited potential economic benefits of UQuick products to maximize user community.

Today, we provide comprehensive solutions that fulfil the needs of enterprises and home users to recover and backup data and efficiently manage hard disks. Find more information about UQuick products on the products page.

Information Request:

For more information about UQuick, please call +91577-91477 (Mon-Fri: 10:00 a.m. – 6:00 p.m. India Time Zone) or email oem@restorex360.com with any comments or suggestions.

Billing Purchase Amount
RestoreX CRM Access
Online Technical Support - From Rajkot Service Center
Marketing resources access from Website
Exclusive Dealer Code Allocated
Exclusive Training For RestoreX Products
Lifetime Edition Product Selling Access
Listed in the Store Locator page on RestoreX site
1 Time Promotions in Dealer (City). Via WhatsApp
WhatsApp Online Panel For Marketing
Partner Sell RestoreX in E-Commerce Website in India
Partner Sell RestoreX to Computer Dealers in India
Access Generate Activation Code Rights ***
Access Temporary Password Rights *****
Access Reset Activation Records Rights *****
RestoreX to your Company Name OEM*****
Commission Percentage on MRP
5,000 0
More than ₹ 5,000

No Agreement (All UQuick Policy Applied)

10,000 89
More than ₹ 10,000

No Agreement (All UQuick Policy Applied)

25,000 299
More than ₹ 25,000

No Agreement (All UQuick Policy Applied)

50,000 899
Platinum +
More than ₹ 50,000

No Agreement (All UQuick Policy Applied)

T & C

After Payment OEM will been Done within 14 to 28 Days.

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18% GST Extra Applicable.

*** – Company Coordinated.

***** – UQuick Management Coordinated.

The UQuick Reseller Program, which UQuick Technologies India Limited owns, reserves the right to update or downgrade its features and benefits for Reseller Partners in the future. Please note that terms and conditions apply.

Read our OEM terms and conditions while placing an order with an OEM.