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RestoreX Endpoint

RestoreX endpoint is a powerful tool for remotely managing and repairing Windows devices within a network. It's a simple graphical user interface. It lets you easily manage all devices protected by RestoreX. Managing your Windows devices effortlessly and systematically.
  • Manage and Maintain Unlimited Windows Devices.
  • USB Block and Wake up Clients Option Enabled.
  • Repair any Windows within a couple of seconds.
  • Windows Update & Upgrades turn off option.
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RestoreX Endpoint offers Unique Features. That allow instant restore and repair of your PC.

With RestoreX Endpoint. You can control every aspect of the software. Including instant restore and Windows repair solutions.
New Snapshots

Create Unlimited Snapshots through client workstations.

Rollback System

Rollback any computer through Endpoint Management.

USB Block

Block and Unblock USB through client workstations.

Wakeup Client

Wakeup Client through Endpoint Management.

Backup Database

Backup all User History through client workstations.

User Management

Control all User through Endpoint Management.

Delete Snapshots

Delete Unwanted Snapshots through client workstations.

License Maintenance

Check Licenses Maintenances Status.

Multi-layered Groups

Organize client workstations into multi-layered groups.

Scheduled Tasks

Create Endpoint Manager-based scheduled tasks.

Warning Alerts

Send out warning alerts about workstations.

Client Workstation

View the client workstation's specification.

Multi Task Work

Wakeup/restart/shutdown client workstations.

Send Files

Send files and folders to client workstations.

Lock PC Client

Lock client PC or workstation screen.

Windows Update

Install Windows update for client workstations.

Broadcast Messages

Broadcast messages to client workstations.

Execute Program

Execute program on client workstations.

Including Premium Features

Restrict CD-ROM Device
Restrict USB Flash Drive
Restrict Internet
Restrict Access to Control Panel
Restrict Access to CMD & PowerShell
Restrict Access to Task Manager
Restrict Access to Windows Registry
Restrict Installation New Software

Steps for Installing RestoreX Manager

RestoreX Endpoint helps IT leaders. Manage and resolve Windows computer issues within a LAN or WAN network.


To purchase our RestoreX Endpoint Software, please visit our official website.


Once you have bought RestoreX Endpoint, install it on your computer.


RestoreX Endpoint is secure and easily repairable under RestoreX Pro protection.

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Who Can Use RestoreX Endpoint?

RestoreX Endpoint is a wide software solution. That provides advanced management and issue solution abilities. For Windows devices within a local or wide area network. The tool offers a range of features that enable you to manage. And repair your devices, saving you time and resources.

RestoreX Endpoint comes with a user-friendly graphical interface. That manages your devices. It provides an overview of all devices the software protects. Allowing you to identify and examine issues. Performing routine maintenance and managing software updates. We can do this with just a few clicks.

RestoreX Endpoint allows you to access and control your devices. View system designs and manage user accounts. The software enables you to update across multiple devices. This confirms that all devices are up-to-date and secure.

RestoreX Endpoint is a powerful and safe tool. It guarantees the security of your devices and data.

Frequently asked questions

We now have an FAQ list that we hope will help you answer some of the more common ones.

How can I change the TCP port used by Endpoint Manager?

RestoreX EndPoint Manager Server Service uses TCP port 9000 as the default port for client connection. Another application could take the port 9000 on your computer. To change EndPoint Manager Server Service to use another TCP Port (e.g. 8999):


Stop RmServer service from Windows Computer Management.


Open the Settings.ini file in the RestoreX EndPoint Manager installation folder.


Add the following lines in the settings.ini file:


Now, the EndPoint Manager Server will run through port 8999.

Can I install Endpoint Manager on a Windows server?

You can install RestoreX EndPoint Manager on Windows-based Servers such as Windows 2016 Server or Windows workstations such as Windows 7, Windows 10 and Windows 11.

What's the default TCP port used by Endpoint Manager?

RestoreX EndPoint Manager Server Service and the EndPoint Manager Console use the TCP port 9000 as its default port, but you can change it to whatever you want.

Do I need to install Endpoint Manager on a server?

No, you can install RestoreX EndPoint Manager on:
  1. Windows 11
  2. Windows 10
  3. Windows 7 also
  4. Of course, Windows Server.

How would I setup RestoreX Endpoint Manager in my network?

Let’s explain it with an example:


You are managing a network of 30 PCs. You have a file server…


1. You install and protect the 30 PCs with RestoreX Pro.


2. You install the RestoreX EndPoint Manager Server Service on the file server.


3. You install the RestoreX EndPoint Manager Console on your desktop or laptop.


4. You connect the RestoreX Pro clients to the EndPoint Manager Server Service on the file server.


5. You open the EndPoint Manager Console on your desktop and connect it to the Server Service on the file server. You can remotely manage all the RestoreX Pro clients.

Can I install Endpoint Manager Server Service and Endpoint Manager Console components on separate computers?

Yes, you can.


RestoreX EndPoint Manager has two components: the EndPoint Manager Server Service, responsible for maintaining client workstation connections and the EndPoint Manager Console, which provides the graphical user interface.


For example:


You install the Server Service component on a company server, which is always turned on.


You install the Console component on your desktop PC. You open the Console on your desktop and connect to the Server Service to view and manage client workstations connected to the EndPoint Manager Server Service.

How to troubleshoot Endpoint Manager connection problems?

If you have a problem connecting RestoreX Pro clients to a RestoreX EndPoint Manager, please follow these steps to solve the problem:


1. Make sure you can ping the computer with the RestoreX EndPoint Manager from the client workstation with the RestoreX Pro client and ping the client workstation from the EndPoint Manager computer. THE PING HAS TO WORK FOR BOTH DIRECTIONS.


2. Ensure the Port 9000 is open on the client and EndPoint Manager computers.


3. If you cannot connect the RestoreX Pro client to the EndPoint Manager after checking the steps above, please send the following log files to UQuick Technologies Support technical support.


(A) Log file from RestoreX EndPoint Manager :


a. To access RestoreX RMC console logs, from the file menu, select File->Logs.

b. Save the log file as a text file.


(B) Log file from RestoreX Pro client:


a. Open the RestoreX application console and select Event logs.

b. Save the logs as a text file.


You can send the log files to for assistance.

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