Online Technical Support

The following statement discloses UQuick Technologies India Limited (from now on referred to as “Company,” “we,” and “Our”) Technical Support Policy for customers, Dealers, or students; there are some Terms and Conditions. We update our Policy periodically without any notice; kindly visit this page occasionally to stay informed about any changes in these policies.

The UQuick Technical Support Services team looks forward to working with you. Below are the policies and procedures to provide a framework for an effective and productive customer relationship.



Our Technical Support services are available to registered users of our products and services. We provide these services subject to these terms and conditions. We are happy to answer any questions about our technical support services or these terms and conditions.

When you contact our Technical Support, you might be required to provide information, such as your product serial number, company name, e-mail address, and phone number, that identifies you as a licensed software customer. Please provide this information to ensure our technical support team takes action on your issue.


Scope of services

Our technical support services are designed to address technical problems with our products and services. They do not include services relating to:

1. The maintenance or repair of hardware or software not supplied by us.

2. The installation of our products and services or their compatibility with hardware or software not supplied by us.

3. The use of our products and services in ways not intended by us.

4. The correction of errors in third-party software not supplied by us.

5. Training in the use of our products and services.

6. We may provide services outside the scope of our technical support services. These services will be subject to these terms and conditions if we do.


Support availability

Technical Support Services include answering questions over e-mail, telephone, and WhatsApp video calls, remote software (Any Desk/Team Viewer/ Ultra Viewer) about the operation of the software, troubleshooting, online support, and updates. After receiving your request for technical support, we will make reasonable efforts to resolve your technical support issue on the spot.

Customer resources are all available online 24 hours a day, seven days a week to customers with an active subscription to Technical Support Services. We may change our support hours from time to time.


Delivery of services

When any Company employee is giving online support and transferring any data or documents, and accidentally, the PC shuts down due to any reason from the customer or our side, then the company is not responsible for any losses, or the customer cannot claim any case on the company.

When any Company employee provides online support, the customer must be permitted to access the particular files or folders to test whether they are proper because customer satisfaction is essential, per company policy.

Customers cannot claim on Company employees for accessing their secret files for testing purposes.

The company will track/record all telephone, Audio, video, and remote software support (Any desk / Team Viewer/ Ultra Viewer) for online customer support and store it in the Online Technical Support Department. We don’t disclose all our customers’ online support data or any other data to anyone other than legal entities or Government officials.


Support requests

To request technical support, you must:

1. Be a registered user of our products and services.

2. Before requesting support, take all your essential data backups.

3. Have a valid support contract.

4. Please submit a support request through our support portal, including all relevant information and details requested.


Support request priority

We will use reasonable endeavours to resolve support requests in the order they are received. However, we may prioritize specific support requests over others at our discretion.


User Responsibilities

To receive technical support services, you must:

1. Please comply with our reasonable requests for information and assistance.

2. Use the latest version of our products and services for better results.

3. Use our products and services under their documentation and not in any way that infringes the intellectual property rights of any third party.

4. Do not attempt to resolve a technical support issue by yourself or with the assistance of a third party.



Our online technical support services are provided free of charge. However, we may charge you for services outside the scope of our technical support services, including services relating to hardware or software not supplied by us.


Warranties and liability

We warrant that our technical support services be provided with reasonable care and skill. However, we do not warrant that our technical support services will be error-free or continuously available.

Subject to the preceding sentence, we exclude all other express or implied warranties.

Our liability for breach of the warranty in the preceding paragraph is limited, at our option, to either:

The supplying of our technical support services again. OR The payment of the cost of having our technical support services resupplied.

Subject to the preceding paragraphs, we exclude all responsibility for any losses or damages you suffer from or in connection with our technical support services. This includes indirect or consequential damages.


These terms and conditions govern the laws of India, and you submit to the exclusive jurisdiction of Rajkot (Gujarat) courts. These terms and conditions regarding our technical support services bind you and us.