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Suppose you are facing issues related to your PC. There is no need to worry. High quality with the best instant restore and Windows repair solution is here to help you.


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Complete Windows System Restore Solution

Windows System Restore only restores the Windows system, but RestoreX restores everything in Windows, including files and Program files.

Daily Continuous Backup Solution

If a disaster were to happen, the data loss would depend on how long the backup was taken.

 - Best-Windows-Repair-Software-for-Windows-10--1024x554 - Best-Windows-Repair-Software-for-Windows-10--1024x554
 - Best-Windows-Repair-Software-for-Windows-10--1024x554 - Best-Windows-Repair-Software-for-Windows-10--1024x554

Day Zero Disaster Recovery

A sudden system crash leaves your PC unusable when working on a critical document. RestoreX rescues your system seamlessly.

Pick Your Perfect Plan

Get started in complete confidence. Our 14-day money-back guarantee means it’s risk-free.

RestoreX Try

RestoreX Try comes with 1 Month of Full Functionality.

₹ 299.00
SAVE 33%
/ 1 month
+ Get a Full Main Price Discount on Your Next Product Purchase

Repair Features

RestoreX Software Features

Support Windows OS

License Facility

Customer Data Security

Snapshot Upload or Transfer

Service and Support

RestoreX Lite

RestoreX Lite comes with 1 Year Validity.

₹ 299.00
SAVE 55%
/ 1 year
+ Pay for 9 Months + 3 Months Validity FREE
+ 1 Year Online Technical Support FREE

Repair Features

RestoreX Software Features

Support Windows OS

License Facility

Customer Data Security

Snapshot Upload or Transfer

Service and Support


RestoreX Pro

RestoreX Professional comes with 3 Year Validity.

₹ 299.00
SAVE 60%
/ 3 years
+ 1 Year Online Technical Support FREE

Repair Features

RestoreX Software Features

Support Windows OS

License Facility

Customer Data Security

Snapshot Upload or Transfer

Service and Support


RestoreX Premium

RestoreX Premium comes with Lifetime Validity.

₹ 299.00
SAVE 70%
/ lifetime
+ 1 Year Online Technical 24x7 Support FREE
+ ₹ 499.00/year when you renew for online technical support next year (optional)

Repair Features

RestoreX Software Features

Support Windows OS

License Facility

Customer Data Security

Snapshot Upload or Transfer

Service and Support

Award-winning Security and Privacy For Your Family's Digital World

RestoreX, the award-winning Windows protection software for PCs and Laptops, empowers people to live a secure digital life and browse the web confidently. More than security, peace of mind matters, and our advanced protection offers the most challenging defence against viruses, ransomware, malware, Wi-Fi, and more. Keeping millions of people safe & secure around the world, our all-in-one protection will make your family’s digital life easy.


Years Of Legacy & Innovation

1 Lakh+

Customers Who Believe in us


International Countries Covered


Awards Received For Cybersecurity


Windows and Cybersecurity Product

RestoreX Available Globally

RestoreX Product Protect Globally Thousands of People Offer Services in India, USA, United Kingdom, France, Singapore, Indonesia, Brazil, Lithuania, Netherlands, and many more countries.

Featured Client Stories

Tired of waiting for my computer vendor, I tried RestoreX360. It exceeded my expectations by swiftly resolving all my PC issues. I highly recommend it for timely and effective repairs. So I am very happy.

Nandita Ghosh

Business Women

Nice Software and Excellent Work of RestoreX. Windows 11 crashed, and all computer shops told me it would take 3 to 5 hours, but RestoreX repaired my Windows 11 within a few seconds.

Dipak Kava

Computer IT Engineer

RestoreX360 is a game-changer! It is the best investment I’ve made for my PC. It diagnosed and fixed all my Windows problems within minutes, leaving my computer running like new.

Jayy Parmar

Parul University

Frequently Asked Questions

What is RestoreX?

RestoreX is a Windows tool that works like a Time Machine. It allows users to quickly undo any issues on their PC by reverting it to its previous state from the last hour, day, week, or month. RestoreX can still be used even if the Windows operating system fails to start up.

How Does RestoreX Work?

RestoreX core technology is based on taking PC snapshots and enabling instant recovery. The snapshot feature is designed with the principle of WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) in mind. RestoreX can quickly recover files from snapshots and even roll back your system to a previous snapshot within seconds.

What is Snapshot?

Think of a snapshot as a snapshot of your entire computer system at a particular time. This snapshot includes 100% of your operating system, installed programs, settings, and user data. Technically speaking, a snapshot is a map of the complex drive sectors and indexing system created using complicated algorithms.

Is a Snapshot a Backup Image of the Drive?

It’s important to understand that creating a snapshot differs from creating a backup.

How much disk space does RestoreX need to take a snapshot?

A snapshot captures a copy of a system or data's state at a specific time, including all its movements on the hard drive. To ensure the snapshot's smooth functioning, it is advisable to have at least 100 GB of free space on your C drive.

Does RestoreX Support 64-bit Windows OS and UEFI Bios?

Yes, RestoreX supports both MBR disk and GPT disk, legacy BIOS and EFI BIOS.

Can I Install RestoreX on a Dual Boot System?

Select Custom Setup and install RestoreX on each operating system. For more details, refer to the RestoreX User’s Guide.

Are there any RestoreX Product Limitations?

For RestoreX Product Limitations, Click on the Below Link - Click Here

Does RestoreX take data to a Server or any Cloud Data?

RestoreX doesn’t take any data to the server or any Cloud Server. All snapshots will be stored on your local Hard Disk only.

Can I use Scheduler RestoreX to take automatic snapshots?

You can easily schedule snapshots at various intervals, such as hourly, daily, and weekly, at PC startup, at the first boot of the day, or before running a program.

Can I use RestoreX if Windows fails to boot up?

RestoreX has a recovery console that runs before your Windows OS starts. This means you can easily take snapshots and recover your system without hassle. To access the Recovery Console, press the HOME key when you see the RestoreX splash screen during the boot-up process.

What kind of Problems can RestoreX Fix?

RestoreX can resolve any Windows and software problems in just a few seconds.

Which Operating System and file systems support RestoreX?

Windows 11, 10, 8, and 7, both 32-bit and 64-bit systems with FAT32 and NTFS file systems.

Does RestoreX Pro support the Microsoft Server Operating System?

No, You have to Purchase a RestoreX Server.

I Don't have RestoreX installed, and I am having problems with my PC. Can I use RestoreX to recover it?

No, RestoreX only works when installed on your PC. If you encounter PC problems, the installation may no longer function.

Installation Instructions

Suppose your Windows Operating System is not working properly. Like Slow PC, Dump issues, Printer issues, Windows services issues, Virus issues, Windows errors, etc., or any other errors. Then first resolve those errors or Format your Windows First, Then Install RestoreX.


Before Installing RestoreX on your PC, in your C: Driver Approx. 80 to 100 GB Free Space Required for Better Performance.


You can use any antivirus program in the Windows operating system. First, You must disable the Antivirus. Then After, you can install RestoreX Software.


In your PC, if you use dual Operating Systems. For example, Windows 11 + Windows 10 then you can install RestoreX.


Please Note: If you use Ubuntu and Linux. You can’t install RestoreX. RestoreX supports the Windows Operating system.


RestoreX is not Recommended for Multi Drive Protection. RestoreX is a Windows Protection Tool, not a Data Backup Tool. you can protect multi-drive at your own risk.


For more details visit our Installation Policy.