Leaders of UQuick Technologies India Limited

UQuick Technologies leadership team welcomes challenges. And has a supportive Board of Directors. With instant restore service and Windows repair solutions. Our easy-to-use software. It helps make the system recovery process easier. And more efficient.
Jinal Mehta 1 361x346 1

Jinal Mehta

We create effective action plans and design optimal business strategies.

  • Position: Founder & CEO
  • Birth Date: 22-05-1992
  • Department: Sales & Support

Aditi Ghedia Mehta 1 361x346 1

Aditi Ghedia

Meticulous planning is one of the core phases of software development.

  • Position: Director
  • Birth Date: 20-12-1996
  • Department: HR & Marketing

Mansi Mehta 1 361x346 1

Mansi Mehta

User experience design shapes the digital landscape of a website

  • Position: Director
  • Birth Date: 03-12-1996
  • Department: Branding