Privacy Policy

Last updated on August 18, 2023. There may be updates, amendments, or changes to our Privacy Policy.


UQuick Technologies India Limited is a “Company or UQuick.” Our Company (also known as “we,” “us,” or “our”) is dedicated to protecting your privacy.


This Privacy Statement describes how UQuick Technologies India Limited will use, disclose, and collect your Personal Information in addition to our application, UQuick Technologies India Limited.


Our Privacy Policy is available on our website and its associated subdomains (collectively, our “Service”).


By accessing our Service, you acknowledge that you have read, understood, and agree to the terms in the Privacy Policy regarding the collection, use, and disclosure of your personal information.


1. Definitions

A web browser saves a small portion of a website’s data. Cookies allow us to identify your browser, remember information about you, and provide analytics such as your language preference and login information.


2. An organization

The term “company,” referred to in this policy as “us” or “we,” refers to UQuick Technologies India Limited, Gujari Bazar, Diwanpara, RajkotGujarat 360001, which is responsible for managing your information under this policy.


3. The country

Founded or owned by Indians, the Company is based in India.


4. Customer

Companies, businesses, or individuals who sign up for the Company Service to manage their customer relationships.


5. Device

The Company’s products and services can be accessed using any Windows computer or laptop.


6. The IP Address

Internet Protocol (IP) addresses are unique numbers defined in geographical blocks assigned to all electronic equipment connected to the Internet. IP addresses are generally used to identify the location of a device’s internet connection.


7. Personal Data

Any information that, directly or indirectly, when combined with other information — including a personal identification number — allows for identifying a natural person.


8. Third-party Service

It includes Payment Gateway Services and others whose products or services may interest you.


9. Website

Customers can access UQuick Technologies India Limited’s website here:


10. The Information We Gather

When you visit our website, we receive your data when you order, subscribe to our newsletter, register, fill out a form, or respond to a survey.

10.01. First Name

10.02. Last Name

10.03. Company Name

10.04. GST No.

10.05. E-mail Address

10.06. Mobile Number

10.07. WhatsApp Mobile Number

10.08. Box Serial

10.09. Activation Code

10.10. PC Name

10.11. Dealer Code


11. Use your Information

We can use any of the data we collect from you in the following ways:

11.1 To provide a personalized experience (better respond to your needs).

11.2 To improve our Service and products (we strive to improve our products and service offerings based on the information and your feedback).

11.3 To provide better customer service, your information helps us acknowledge your customer service requests

11.4 To provide a better process for transactions.

11.5 To administer a promotion, contest, survey, or other site feature.

11.6 To send periodic e-mails about any offers or discounts.


12. Information Shared with Third Parties

The decision to disclose information to government officials rests with the Company. If we admit your personal and non-personal information about you to the government, legal entities, or legal process (including subpoenas).

To protect our interests and rights or the safety of the public or any person, to stop any illegal or legally actionable or unethical activity in compliance with court orders, rules, regulations, and laws.


13. Use of Your E-mail Address

By submitting your e-mail address on this website, you agree to receive e-mails from us.

You can cancel your subscription to any e-mail list anytime through unsubscribe options in the respective e-mail. We send e-mails to registered people and get permission to contact them directly or through a third party.

We do not send unsolicited commercial e-mails because we avoid spam as much as you do.

By submitting your e-mail address, you also agree to allow us to utilize it for customer audience targeting on social media or digital platforms, displaying targeted advertising to individuals who have opted in to receive our communications.

We will use e-mail addresses submitted only through the order processing page to communicate information and updates about your order. The same e-mail may, however, be used in any of the ways described here if you provided it to us in another manner.

You will find detailed instructions for unsubscribing at the bottom of every e-mail if you wish to opt out of receiving future e-mails.


14. Would you transfer my information to other countries?

UQuick Technologies India Limited is incorporated in India. It is for business purposes only. We may transfer information collected via our website, through direct interactions with you, or occasionally to our offices, personnel, or third parties worldwide.

Countries worldwide may view and host this information, including countries without general data protection laws. By voluntarily providing such information to the best of your ability and following applicable Law, you consent to the trans-border transfer and hosting voluntarily providing such information to the best of your ability.

Following applicable Law, you consent to its trans-border transfer and hosting using any of the above.


15. Is the Information collected through our Service secure?

15.1 The security of your information is a priority for us. Physical, electronic, and managerial safeguards are in place to protect your information, prevent it from being accessed by unauthorized individuals, maintain data security, and ensure it is handled appropriately.

15.2 Even so, people and security systems, including encryption systems, are foolproof. Moreover, people are prone to making mistakes, committing crimes, and failing to follow policies. Despite our reasonable efforts, we cannot guarantee that your personal information will be secure.

15.3 Suppose an applicable law imposes any non-disclaimable duty to protect your Personal Information. In that case, you agree that intentional misconduct will be the standard by which we measure our compliance with that duty.


16. Can I update my data?

16.1 Communications and other information we send you. You can contact us to update or correct your personally identifiable information or change your preferences concerning communications and other information we send you.

By cancelling your account, you may delete the personally identifiable information we maintain about you (subject to the following paragraph). 

16.2 Changes, corrections, and deletions described in this Privacy Policy will not affect any other information we maintain or have provided to third parties under this Privacy Policy before such updates, corrections, changes, or deletions.

16.3 Maintain the confidentiality of your unique password and account information. To ensure your privacy and security, we may ask for your username and password to verify your identity and access your profile.

16.4 You should be aware that removing every record of the information you provided to us from our system is not technologically possible. Backing up our systems to prevent accidental loss may result in a non-erasable copy of your data that is difficult or impossible to locate.

16.5 Promptly after receiving your request, we will update the Personal Information in our active databases and other readily searchable media, correct, change, or delete, as appropriate.

We will complete it as soon as possible in a reasonable and technically feasible manner. You may contact the organization if you are an end-user and wish to update, delete, or receive information about yourself.


17. Affiliates

Corporate Affiliates are people or entities that control, are controlled by, or share common control with us, whether by ownership or otherwise. Our Corporate Affiliates may receive information about you (including Personal information). Our Corporate Affiliates will treat any information relating to you that we provide to them following this Privacy Policy.


18. Sale of the business

If we sell, merge, or otherwise transfer our assets, our Corporate Affiliates, or a portion of us or its Corporate Affiliates that is subject to this Service relates, or if we discontinue our business or have filed a bankruptcy, reorganization, or similar proceeding against us, we may transfer the information to a third party if we discontinue our business. However, the third party must agree to comply with the terms of this Privacy Policy.


19. How Long Do We Keep Your Information?

19.1 We will only retain the information to provide services to you and fulfil the purposes described in this policy—this is the case for anyone sharing your information with us performing services on our behalf.

19.2 Suppose we no longer need to use your data or do not need to keep it as required by Law. In that case, we’ll either remove it from our systems or depersonalize it so we can’t identify you.


20. How Do We Protect Your Information?

Our website uses various security measures to protect personal information when you purchase, enter, submit, or access your personal information.

The information you provide (credit cards, social security numbers, financial information) is not saved after you complete the transaction. Our website uses a secure server.

Using Secure Socket Layer (SSL) technology, all sensitive/credit information is transmitted and encrypted to our payment gateway providers’ databases. Only those with special access rights to these systems can access these databases and must maintain confidentiality.

However, we cannot ensure or warrant the absolute security of any information you transmit or guarantee that anyone may not access your information on the Service, disclose, alter, or destroy it if we cannot protect it physically, technically, or managerially.


21. Governing Law

The laws of India, excluding its conflict of laws rules, shall govern this Contract and the use of our Service. Your service users may also be subject to state, local, international, and national laws.


22. Your consent.

By using our Service, registering for an account, or purchasing, you agree to be bound by this policy.


23. Links to Other Websites

23.1 As a payment gateway, the Services may contain links to other websites not owned or controlled by the Company.

23.2 We are not responsible for such websites” content, accuracy, or opinions because we don’t investigate, monitor, or check for accuracy or completeness.

23.3 Remember that our Privacy Policy is no longer in effect when you use a link from the Services to another website.

23.4 When you browse or interact with another website with our platform, you are subject to its rules and policies. Third parties may use cookies or other methods to collect information about you.


24. Cookies

Our website utilizes Cookies to track the areas that you have visited. Web browsers store These small data files on your computer or mobile device. Cookies are used to personalize your experience on our website. However, some features may only be accessible to you with Cookies enabled. Cookies do not contain any information that can personally identify you.


25. Cookies for advertising

Cookies help to make advertising more effective. With cookies, it’s more accessible for an advertiser to reach its audience, show them ads, and know how many clicks they receive.


26. Remarketing Services

What Is Remarketing? We use remarketing services. During digital marketing, remarketing (or retargeting) means showing ads to people who have already visited the site. It enables the display of advertisements on the digital media you use the most.


27. Payment details

Concerning any credit card or other payment processing details you have provided, we commit to storing this confidential information in the most secure manner possible.


28. Changes to Our Privacy Policy: we can change our privacy policy without giving any notice. Suppose we decide to change our privacy policy. In that case, we will post those changes on this page and update the Privacy Policy modification date below.


29. Third-party services

29.1 Third-party content may be displayed, included, or made available (including data, information, applications, and services) or include links to third-party services (“Third-Party Services”).

29.2 Accordingly, you acknowledge that we are not responsible for Third-Party Services, including their accuracy, consistency, timeliness, validity, legality, decency, quality, or any other aspect.

We are still determining if we can help with any third-party services or liability we provide.

29.3 Third-party services and links are provided solely for your convenience. Third-party terms and conditions govern your use of them.


30. Facebook Pixel

Facebook pixels enable us to measure advertising’s effectiveness by understanding people’s actions on our website. We can use the pixel to ensure that the right people see our ads. While using the Service, the Facebook Pixel may collect information from your device. Facebook pixels collect information under its Privacy Policy.


31. Information about the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

We may collect and use your information within the European Economic Area (EEA). This section of our Privacy Policy explains precisely how and why data is collected and how we protect it from being replicated or misused.


32. What is GDPR

GDPR is the EU’s data protection and privacy law. Under it, companies protect EU residents’ data and enhance their control over it.


33. Why is GDPR necessary?

33.1 The GDPR increases the requirements for protecting individual data collected and processed by companies. It also raises the stakes for compliance by imposing more significant fines for breaches. Beyond these facts, it’s simply the right thing to do.

At Help Scout, we firmly believe that your data privacy is essential. We already have reliable security and privacy practices beyond this government regulation’s requirements.

33.2 Individual Data Subjects” Rights—Portability, Deletion, and Data Access UQuick commits to supporting our customers in meeting the data subject rights provisions of GDPR. We store all personal data using DPA-compliant vendors. After you delete your account, we will save all your data and conversations for up to 50 years. In this case, we manage all data under our Privacy Policy.

33.3 If you have EU customers, you must provide them with the ability to update, access, remove, and retrieve their personal information. We got you! We can access your data. If you have any questions about any field, we are happy to help.


34. Individual Data Subject Rights – Data Access, Portability, and Deletion

34.1 We aim to help our customers comply with GDPR’s data subject rights requirements. We process or store all personal data at fully vetted, DPA-compliant vendors.

After you delete your account, we will save all your data and conversations for up to 6 years. In this case, we dispose of all data under our Terms of Service and Privacy Policy, but we will only hold it for 60 days.

34.2 We know that if you work with EU customers, you must give them access to read, update, retrieve, and remove personal data. We got you! We’ve been set up as an open-source system that gives you access to your and your customers’ data. We can assist you if you have questions about working with the API.


35. California residents.

35.1 As required by the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA), we must disclose what information we collect and how we use it, the types of sources we collect Personal Information from, and the third parties that receive it, as explained above.

We must also communicate Information about California residents” rights under California law. You may exercise the following rights:

35.2 Information and access rights. Upon request, you may request information regarding (1) the categories of Personal information we collect, use, or share; (2) the purposes for which we collect or use Personal Information; (3) the sources from which we collect Personal information; and (4) the specific pieces of Personal information we have collected about you.

35.3 Right to Equal Service. If you exercise your privacy rights, we will not discriminate against you.

35.4 Right to Delete. You may submit a verifiable request to close your account, and we will delete your personal information.

35.5 We do not sell our customer’s data to other businesses or third parties.

If you make a request, our response time is one week. Please let us know if you wish to exercise any of these rights. Our users’ personal information is not sold.