Uninstall Policy

UQuick Technologies India Limited (referred to as “UQuick”). Before uninstalling the software, review the Uninstall Policy. This page provides updates to these policies.


01. Uninstalling this product may lead to the loss of important information. For that reason, the company is not responsible for the loss.


02. We are not responsible for any lost data when uninstalling the software, whether from a Dealer, Reseller, or Distributor.


03. The company is not responsible. The customer uninstalled the product without knowing it.


04. The company’s website has steps for uninstalling the software. Any loss from uninstalling software is not the company’s fault.


05. The technical support team can help you uninstall the software. Use third-party uninstallers at your own risk, and UQuick is not responsible for any data loss.


06. A Customer / Dealer cannot take legal action against the company. During uninstallation, the OS gets corrupted, or the data may be lost.