Endpoint Setup Downloader

To install Endpoint, follow these steps: First, download the installation file from the official RestoreX website. Once the download is complete, locate the file in your Downloads folder and double-click to initiate the setup process.

Important Software: The first software requirement was WinRAR to unzip RestoreX Software. Download WinRAR Setup.

Now, let’s start the Endpoint setup and install it on the PC.

Step 1: Select Endpoint Setup, right-click on Endpoint Setup, and click on Extract to Endpoint. Wait for a setup while the process is running.

Step 2: Open the Endpoint Setup folder and double-click on Setup.exe. (Please note: if you are using 64-bit Windows, then also click on Setup.exe.).

Step 3: Select your preferred language; default English will be there. Now, click on OK.

Step 4: Click on Next.
Step 5: If you want to read our End User License Agreement from RestoreX Endpoint Manager and accept our agreement, then click on Next.
Step 6: Click on Next.
Step 7: Click on Next.
Step 8: Click on Next.
Step 9: Please Wait, sometime it will setup all the required things. If all is well, you will see the next window, in which you want to click Finish to restart your PC.