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Why RestoreX is Unique and all Prefer?

Complete protection

Each RestoreX plan uses cutting-edge AI technology to detect and stop any windows issues and threats – even ones that haven’t been seen before. So every time you connect to the internet, we:

  • Instant Restore Quickly revert your Windows system to any saved snapshot within seconds, no matter where you are.
  • Instant Snapshots You can now create new snapshots of your Windows OS within seconds without the need for a reboot.
  • New Snapshot Create Create a complete system snapshot without restarting the system.

  • Previous Snapshot Rollback You can refer back to previous snapshots from hours, days, weeks, or even months ago.

Keeps devices running smoothly

While some of those suggestions may help devices run more smoothly, disabling updates isn’t recommended for security reasons. Regular updates are crucial for fixing vulnerabilities and improving performance.

  • PC Performance RestoreX has minimal impact on computer performance and requires very few system resources.
  • Disable Windows Updates and Upgrades The system may slow down when updating or upgrading Windows, leading some users to consider resetting or formatting their PCs. These issues can also arise during Windows upgrades. To address this, RestoreX Develop Features automatically turns off Windows updates and upgrades to ensure optimal PC performance and security.

Easy to use

Exactly! RestoreX simplifies the restoration process by offering a user-friendly interface and intuitive features, ensuring effortless operation for users of all levels.

  • Disaster Recovery You can quickly recover folders and files from a crashed Windows system state or any snapshots.
  • Kernel Mode RestoreX instant recovery engine has Fast Recovery Mode and Space Saving Mode for quick and efficient use.
  • Windows Cannot Boot or Start You can quickly reverse any snapshot in seconds, even if your system crashes or Windows fails to start.
  • Snapshot Encryption Protect your Windows files with the latest snapshot feature, which uses 256-bit AES encryption technology.

Most tested. Most awarded.

Over the last year, RestoreX products appeared in 2 independent tests – winning 10+ awards.

Everyone has the right to be free of windows security fears.

Jinal Mehta
Chief Executive Officer, UQuick

Mr. Jinal Mehta is the CEO and founder of UQuick Technologies India Limited, the foremost software company in Asia that provides technology-driven solutions to its clients.

We are the India's largest privately-owned windows and cybersecurity company, committed to fighting windows and cybercrime whilst maintaining the highest standards of professional integrity and transparency.

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