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Stay safe. How can RestoreX take care of yourselves during PC issues?

RestoreX360 is an instant restore software designed to quickly repair your PC and restore it to its previous state within seconds. If you’re tired of facing Windows issues on your computer, RestoreX360 has got you covered. In today’s digital age, where our reliability on computers is paramount, keeping our Windows operating systems in optimal condition is crucial. Glitches, errors, and other issues can disrupt productivity, but RestoreX360 can swiftly address these problems and restore your PC to a stable state. Having reliable tools like this is essential to maintain a smooth computing experience! 😊


RestoreX360 Products Ranges

Most tested. Most awarded.

Over the last year, RestoreX products appeared in 2 independent tests – winning 10+ awards.
2024 Recognized By AV Labs Poland 2
2023 Innovative Product For Maintenance In Asia 1
2023 Best Solution Provider In Cyber Security
2023 Innovative Product For PC Maintenance 1
2022 India 500 Startup Award
2022 Best Cyber Security Product Solution 1
Jinal Mehta 2024

Everyone has the right to be free of windows security fears.

Jinal Mehta
Chief Executive Officer, UQuick
Mr. Jinal Mehta is the CEO and founder of UQuick Technologies India Limited, the foremost software company in Asia that provides technology-driven solutions to its clients.
We are the India's largest privately-owned windows and cybersecurity company, committed to fighting windows and cybercrime whilst maintaining the highest standards of professional integrity and transparency.
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RestoreX Available in Countries


RestoreX is now available in more than 10 countries.

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