Windows 10 vs. 11: Best Choice for Users in 2024

Windows 10 vs. 11 - Windows 10 vs 11

Windows 10 vs. 11: Best Choice for Users in 2024

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We are always in a dilemma about which is better for our system. Windows 10 or 11? Let us have a battle about Windows 10 vs. 11. If we compare both of them, there are some similarities and some upgrades.

Both have their pros and cons, which, as a customer, you should consider. Usually, we get Windows 11 with new systems but some have Windows 10 and want to upgrade to Windows 11.

Even with its familiar appearance, Windows 11 nevertheless has a lot of changes. The apps you love using are still accessible and supported, including Android apps, which will also be available on desktops as windowed programs. New Snap Layouts enhance your favorite multitasking tools, and virtual desktops improve with additional features and flexibility.

Let us explore the major upgrades and learn more about Windows 10 vs Windows 11

Design and Display: Are the Changes Worth It?

The removal of Live Tiles and the ability to use your Start Menu to create a full-screen Start Screen is the largest aesthetic and functional change to Windows 11. 

You may no longer browse your pinned apps and view updated media and information. Instead, all of your tiles have been reduced in size to Windows desktop icons, and to access part of the Live Tile data, you must now open the separate Widget menu. That is, your apps must support Windows 11 widgets.

A more comprehensive approach to almost everything is one of the largest adjustments. The rounded corners of windows, menu panels, and notification boxes match, giving the entire design a softer appearance.

Taskbar: Will Windows 11 beat Windows 10?

The Start menu has been moved to the lower center of the screen by default in Windows 11, which is another visually striking update. Additionally, programs on the taskbar have a somewhat different appearance. 

All of the tools are represented by icons, which can be simply pinned to provide a quick menu of the tools you use most frequently.

Because you have to drag the mouse pointer back to the center to choose the Power button after swinging it to the left corner of the screen to access the Start Menu, shutting down your device can be a little annoying.

To have more consistency with previous iterations of Windows, users can relocate the start menu back to the lower left corner of the screen if they want a more comfortable, vintage feel.

Windows 10 vs. Windows 11: which has a better app?

When it comes to apps, Windows 10 is perfect for the typical computer user. The operating system allows apps to be installed via installation files from CDs or DVDs, SD cards and USB sticks, websites, and the Microsoft Store app store.

More than just the same app categories as Windows 10, Windows 11 supports them. Windows 11 permits you to install some Android apps on your Windows computer and install Windows programs from the Microsoft Store app store.

With Windows 11, Android could operate in a distinct window that could be used with Snap Layouts, on the desktop, and with touch, keyboard, and mouse—all of the standard Windows interface.

Additionally, Windows 11 offers updated versions of beloved programs like Microsoft Paint and Windows Media Player, which just won’t operate on a Windows 10 machine. You need Windows 11 to use these apps on your system.

In terms of Windows 10 vs. Windows 11 performance, which one do you choose?

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Windows 10 vs. 11 accessibility: which one has improved?

The ability to enable live subtitles on videos, additional color options, the new Voice Access tool for voice control of your device, and a redesigned Narrator with natural voice are just a few of Windows 11’s more notable accessibility improvements and upgrades.

Windows 10 vs Windows 11 performance: Better team Connection Experience

With Windows 11, online communication is greatly enhanced by the integration of Microsoft Teams Chat into the taskbar. Teams is now merely a feature of Windows, available to all users for free. 

It is compatible with a variety of platforms and gadgets. Even when you’re using an iPhone to contact a friend, switching between desktop and mobile should be much simpler thanks to the hardware-agnostic approach.

Upgrades for Gamers:

Microsoft also put a lot of effort into Xbox Game Pass, but the majority of the games and features—such as cross-platform play—appear to have been around for a while.

But Windows 11 should also improve the PC gaming experience. Better high-frame-rate gaming is made possible by the upgrade’s support for DirectX 12, and Auto HDR should make high-dynamic-range enhancements easier to implement. By eliminating the need to fiddle with graphics card settings or make adjustments each time you wish to switch between monitors, Windows 10 vs. 11 is proven to be a good point of conversation for gaming enthusiasts who are crazy about the more gaming-oriented updates.

Windows 10 vs Windows 11: Performance

Microsoft has boasted about the new operating system’s performance enhancements in addition to its UI changes and new features. The business promises quicker web browsing, quicker wake-ups from sleep, and faster Windows Hello logins. Windows 11 has received easy app restore protocols, a much-needed feature that will simplify your life when you have to reinstall Windows and all of your favorite apps in the year 2022.

Additionally, Microsoft promises that Windows updates will run in the background and be 40% smaller. Once updates start to roll out, we’ll see if that happens. Improved efficiency should also be a feature of Windows 11 so that laptops and tablets have longer battery lives.


With significantly more app compatibility and more extensive accessibility features than Windows 10, Windows 11 is essentially an improved version of Windows 10. Even though the Start Menu and new design style won’t appeal to everyone, they don’t significantly alter the user experience.

But users of Windows 10 who have been enjoying full-screen Start screens and Live Tiles for the past several years will have to get ready for a drastic change in how Windows is used compared to Windows 7. Prepare yourself for a tonne more keyboard shortcuts and mouse pointer movements.

So depending upon the above discussion, you can decide on the result of this Windows 10 vs. 11 and choose which you want to stick with.