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 - Aditi Ghedia - Aditi Ghedia

General Information

Mrs. Aditi Mehta is the director of UQuick Technologies India Limited. She focuses on Administration Management, HR Management, and other vital responsibilities. She has been entrusted with the crucial task of driving the company’s growth and success.

Board of Membership

In 2022, Mrs. Aditi Mehta Penetrated the Board of Members at UQuick Technologies India Limited.

Early Life and Education

Mrs. Aditi Mehta was Born on 20th December 1996 and raised in Rajkot, Gujarat; she comes from a Gujarati Family with a business background. She recently completed her Master’s in MBA at Atmiya University in Rajkot. She brings a unique blend of strategic thinking and people management skills to her role. Her in-depth understanding of disciplines in Human Resources allows her to navigate today’s business landscape’s complexities effectively while ensuring that the human element remains at the forefront of all decisions.


At the age of Twenty-Three, she started her entrepreneurial journey. She has also assumed responsibility for employee management within the company. Her expertise in human resource management brings a fresh perspective to the organization’s talent acquisition and development approach. Furthermore, Mrs Aditi Mehta’s content management experience will be valuable as the company seeks to enhance its digital presence and engage with its target audience more effectively.

In her professional journey, she has garnered recognition for her exceptional leadership qualities, meticulous attention to detail, and ability to establish robust connections with stakeholders across various levels. She’s committed to cultivating a constructive, inclusive workplace that promotes progress, originality, and prosperity.

Personal Life

Mrs Aditi Mehta is married to Mr. Jinal Nemishbhai Mehta, the CEO and Founder of UQuick Technologies India Limited. She is also the mother of Jiyansh Nemish Aditi Ghedia Mehta, a 2-year-old child.

Mrs Mehta, a businesswoman, fulfils her role as a mother and strives to achieve her professional goals. Despite the demands of motherhood, Mrs Aditi is determined to make her mark in the business world and inspire other women to do the same.