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Why Join RestoreX360 Affiliate Program?

Here are the benefits and advantages that RestoreX360 provides for you. Figure out the benefits your business could expect, and get started with us.

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Award-winning Security and Privacy For Your Family's Digital World

RestoreX, the award-winning Windows protection software for PCs and Laptops, empowers people to live a secure digital life and browse the web confidently. More than security, peace of mind matters, and our advanced protection offers the most challenging defence against viruses, ransomware, malware, Wi-Fi, and more. Keeping millions of people safe & secure around the world, our all-in-one protection will make your family’s digital life easy.


Years Of Legacy & Innovation

1 Lakh+

Customers Who Believe in us


International Countries Covered


Awards Received For Cybersecurity


Windows and Cybersecurity Product

Featured Client Stories

Tired of waiting for my computer vendor, I tried RestoreX360. It exceeded my expectations by swiftly resolving all my PC issues. I highly recommend it for timely and effective repairs. So I am very happy.

Nandita Ghosh

Business Women

Nice Software and Excellent Work of RestoreX. Windows 11 crashed, and all computer shops told me it would take 3 to 5 hours to fix it, but RestoreX repaired my Windows 11 within a few seconds.

Dipak Kava

Computer IT Engineer

RestoreX360 is a game-changer! It is the best investment I’ve made for my PC. It diagnosed and fixed all my Windows problems within minutes, leaving my computer running like new.

Jayy Parmar

Parul University

Frequently Asked Questions

Looking for help? Find your answers here.

Who could be an affiliate of RestoreX?

Basically, anyone can become an RestoreX affiliate. If you are interested and eager to promote RestoreX products, you're eligible! Affiliates are independent marketers who promote RestoreX products & services on their websites or through social media.

Which affiliate network should I use?

List out all your needs for the platform. Choose one of the platforms or sign up for all the ones that interest you. Find out which platform is the most appropriate for your business and channel. Join RestoreX on the platforms mentioned above.

Already have an account on the platform, how can I sign up for the RestoreX campaign?
If you're already a member of the affiliate network, you can sign up for the RestoreX Affiliate Program directly from your dashboard by searching the RestoreX brand in the campaign list.
Does it cost anything to become an RestoreX Affiliate?
No, there is absolutely no cost to becoming an RestoreX Affiliate. Totally free to join now.
When will my application be approved?
Generally, it takes us 2 or 3 business days to review your application, and give you further notification soon. You'll be approved or declined within 3 days.
Should I agree to the terms and conditions of the RestoreX affiliate program first?
Yes, you need to agree to the terms and conditions of the RestoreX affiliate program first. That's the default agreement for this partnership. Be sure to pay attention to the special terms that are important reminders for your marketing.
I have joined the program. What are my next steps?
Once your request is approved, you are an affiliate of the RestoreX affiliate program. You could get started by getting links, mentioning RestoreX on your site, or listing RestoreX on your social media channel. Don't forget to share and use the link for RestoreX products.
Why is my application not approved?
RestoreX will strictly approve each application according to the key standard that focuses on quality. If your marketing falls under the following circumstances, there is a good chance that your application will not be accepted. 1) Your marketing is less related to RestoreX products and services. 2) Content is not conducive to attracting the correct audience. 3) Content not deemed appropriate. 4) It appears that you don't get sufficient traffic to your site. 5) Promotional methods are not allowed. 6) The web pages listed cannot be found. 7) Your sites couldn't be visited. 8) Fraud marketing.
How do I get RestoreX links?
Log in to the dashboard that you've joined, move to the 'Contents', 'Links', or 'Campaigns' tab, and explore the text links or images you need. If you need support pulling out tracking links, please reach out to
How can I create or customize links?
On RestoreX Affiliate, a customize link generator is available.
Where do I need to insert the affiliate link?
Just imbed your affiliate link into the RestoreX content on your site. or you can open in any browser and just enter. it will automatically fetch.
Can I recommend RestoreX products without using a link?
No, there should be an affiliate link in use. It's very important that every sale only from the affiliate link are commissionable.
What products can I promote?
The RestoreX affiliate program covers all products. Choose RestoreX software and tools you prefer to promote and update your content regularly as RestoreX products are improving.
How to get and use coupons?
Affiliates can only use coupons, promotional codes, and deals that are provided exclusively through the RestoreX affiliate programs. Affiliates are not allowed to suggest combining coupon codes in any verbiage on your website.
Will I need to recommend the audience download the software or buy it directly?
It's up to your content and customer structure. If your audience is new to knowing RestoreX, and the content is just introducing RestoreX products, your audience needs to have a try before paying for it. In this case, it would be better to place the download URL. If the audience is familiar with RestoreX, direct purchase access is suggested.
Where can I find more product resources?
You could have a look at the RestoreX site, keep an eye out for our monthly newsletter, and have a try on RestoreX products. And even reach out to the affiliate manager with a request for product materials.
Can I ask for custom creatives?
Yes, you can send us your request for some creatives specific to your marketing, like banners of fixed sizes.
How can I make more money?
Join RestoreX affiliate program now, and earn much more. The more time you put into your work and the more audience you have, the more money-making potential you have.
How and when will I be paid?
The payment will be automatically done through the affiliate platform you're using. You will be paid monthly via the payment method you set up when you sign up for the program. The payment date varies among different platforms. Please confirm in your account.
How much commission will I earn?
The commission rate relies on your sales performance. The more you sell, the higher commission you earn. Basically, the default commission rate is attractive at 20% and Highest is 80%. There is always an opportunity to increase commissions on a case-by-case basis. Don't forget that RestoreX would love to provide an extra commission bonus, or increase the commission for any marketing opportunity.
What is the cookie duration?
The last click is accepted, and the cookie is valid for 60 days.
What's the main payout model?
Basically, the RestoreX affiliate program pays per sale. where you earn a commission for each sale you make.
Will the last settlement of any TDS charges be there?

Yes, 5% of the Total Every Settlement Commission Amount.

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